About Us

We are a game development studio with a passion for Virtual Reality and using the technology to give others the tools to create their own virtual experiences. We are currently working on our first game as Tunacorn Studios, Escape Architect VR, which has multiple immersive rooms for the player to decipher, as well as a virtual 'in-game' editor that enables players to create their own experiences. Our team members have experience in both VR and AR, as well as traditional PC games.

James Mills

Technical Director & Lead Programmer

James has been in the games industry for 4 years as a professional game programmer, working for companies like Red Cartel and SIMOSITY. He is proficient in about 6 different languages and familiar with another 8. He loves to program tools for the team and has created our game API, TunaTK. He loves working in networked environments and working with all forms of Artificial Intelligence. He also has two gorgeous Husky x Staffy puppies called Summer and Alistair.

Lachlan Christopher

Gameplay & UI Programmer

Lachlan is a recent UTS IT gradute. Knowledgable with C++, C#, Java and JavaScript whilst working mainly with the Unity game engine. He's developed Discord bots in his free time whilst focusing on UX, Movement systems, and general gameplay mechanics for the company. He is a part-time streamer and resident PC aficionado, currently running 6 monitors on his personal rig.

Georgia Geddes

Designer & Producer

Georgia graduated from AIE's Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Design and Production) in 2016, and then her Graduate Diploma of Management specialising in game development in 2017. She has focused her time since working for and helping develop Tunacorn Studios, designing the puzzles and narrative for Excape Architect VR. She knows html, css and rudimentary javascript and is a budding web developer as well as part-time woodworker.

Natt Jones

Art Director & Producer

Nathalia is a lover of memes, RPGs, MOBAs and Character design with a knack for texturing. With a total of 5 years experience using Maya, Photoshop, Substance & Unity and after recieving an Advanced Diploma & Graduate Diploma from AIE in 2016 and 2017, she joined Tunacorn Studios. She is the team's main concept artist and texturer; and using their lifetime passion for drawing and story-driven games, Nathalia brings extra life to the games we create.

Nathan Starr

Creative Director & Animator

Nathan's favourite games include sports and racing games and anything with a good story. Nathan is a 3d artist, has a passion for Animation and rigging (nurtured by his love of disney and pixar) with 3 years experience. Nathan is proficient in using Maya, 3dsmax, Photoshop, 3d coat, zbrush and substance. After graduating from AIE in 2017 he joined Tunacorn Studios to gain life long experiences in the gaming industry.

Brendon Martirena

3D Artist

Brendon has been working in the games industry as a 3D modeller and a technical artist for 3 years. He studied at AIE as an artist completing his Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development (Art) and his Graduate Diploma in Management. As a technical artist he creates the particle systems, works on the reflections and lighting in our games. He loves to play fast-paced shooters and sandbox games like Minecraft in his spare time.